WEEK-END workshops, or classes on a specific topic

My workshops range from one to several days, practically on demand, depending on what (and when) one wants to learn.
We just need to agree upon a date when both are free, and we can explore a specific topic, for instance:
- chasing
- making boxes and hinges
- making writing instruments
- wax carving and model making
- hot forging of blades, knives, chisels, chasing punches
- fibulas and other brooches
- recycling
- belt buckles

Two techniques in my opinion are at the same time satisfying and capable to offer unexpected results, moreover they permit the creation of finished articles in a day or two. These techniques are cold forging and cuttlefish bone casting.

Cold forging
is the fastest way to change the shape of a piece of metal.
Even when making simple useful objects like keyrings, small knives and brooches, the shapes growing (sometimes unexpectedly) under the hammer blows and the marks left on the metal are particular to each of us.
Cuttlefish bone casting is the fastest way to cast an object. You can duplicate objects with no undercuts like rings and coins or you can take advantage of the different structure of the particular bone you're working on and carve a pair or earrings or a brooch or any other small object, undercuts included. The casting burns and spoils the bones, you cannot use them again. Your cast may be nice or ugly but you can never carve the same way the same bone.

Both techniques do not need any additional interventions like soldering, engraving, stone setting etc., but if it serves to finish the object they can be included.

You will have at your disposal benches, tools and materials, but if you feel like bringing your preferred tool(s), it's OK.
You will see what tools are needed: apart from some small but indispensable item (borax, scriber, dividers, etc.), you only need a few pliers, hammer, file, shear, nippers, flame.
You will get very accurate infos on what tools to buy (and where: try and buy most of your tools at the hardware store, it's cheaper).

If you need info on registration and costs, and for any other reason, contact me by email or phone ( 0541928795 and 3494425740).







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